stalks of wheat that stir in the wind

I discovered the Düşler Akademisi or Dreams Academy, a school that provides classes theatre, rhythem, dance, photography, djing, painting and design for a full range of creative expression for disabled children. Their aim is to make art, and jobs, accessible for disabled people. We had a very short time to cross some very large distances in Turkey so we didnt get a chance to we are calling on you for that. They’ve just been donated a great big building to build a production studio and a house for volunteers. Over 1,000 volunteers have already come from around the world and they are looking for more.

What volunteers can do at the Dreams Academy:

-teach classes during the school year

-help at a yearly summercamp on the sea near Izmir in July/August

-help at weekly workshops

I also came across the wonderful Bugday Association, a network of farms all over Turkey that stands up for ecological values.

Tatuta offers 69 farms to stay/volunteer at all over Turkey, yay! I would love to visit all of them.

Read the story of an Englishwoman who found love, spontaneity and ecological living in Turkey and how she learned to harness the wind and the water on Dedetepe Farm!

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